Friday, October 31, 2008

Stage Your Home for Next to Nothing

  1. Clean, clean, clean. Methodically clean top to bottom, room by room, the entire house, especially the bathrooms and kitchen.
  2. Outside/Yard: It is an extension of your home. Wash windows inside and out. A well manicured lawn and weed free landscaping reflect the time you have spent to make your home look inviting. Don’t forget the back yard, make an outdoor living space with patio furniture and potted plants.
  3. Living Room/Family Room:
    1. De-clutter book shelves, add a vase, bowl, or candle to give visual interest. You will be moving soon anyway so begin by packing books you do not use. Go ahead and stack some books horizontally to break up the rows.
    2. Re-arrange furniture to create intimate conversation areas. Don’t be afraid to angle furniture away from walls.
    3. Get high traffic carpets cleaned. Don’t hide beautiful hardwood floors with carpet or large rugs.
    4. Swap out family pictures for neutral prints or a mirror. You want buyers to picture themselves in the house, not your family.
    5. Although bright bold colors seem to be the fashion of the day, all buyers may not have the same taste. If you have a room that is especially colorful, a fresh coat of neutral paint (cream, beige) may be in order.
  4. Kitchen/Dining area:
    1. De-clutter and organize kitchen cupboards. Pack away seasonal dishes, extra serving platters, anything you don’t use on a daily basis. Overflowing cupboards give the impression that there is not enough cupboard space.
    2. Organize pantry/food storage. Discard old, out of date items and make it look neat and clean.
    3. If you can make your dining room table smaller and still eat your meals, take out extra leaves to make your dining area look larger.
  5. Entryway:
    1. These are usually the most high traffic areas in the house and also the first thing a buyer sees. Give the walls a fresh coat of neutral paint.
    2. Stand outside the front door and look up and around. This is what the buyer will see first, make sure porch/steps are clean and clutter free. The front door may need a fresh coat of paint. Check to make sure the knobs, locks, and doorbell are in good working order.
  6. Master Bedroom:
    1. It is important that the master be warm and inviting. De-clutter and de-personalize. Add a vase of flowers, candles, or potpourri for a resort feel.
    2. You may need to purchase a new duvet cover, something luxurious looking and neutral in color.
  7. Kid’s Bedrooms:
    1. In case you can’t guess: DE-CLUTTER.
    2. Only keep the toys that are absolutely necessary. Pack away all the extra toys, blankets, and stuffed animals.
    3. Although you may not notice it yourself, baby rooms have a distinctive odor. Clean it good and use an air neutralizer/freshener.
  8. Bathrooms:
    1. Make them Q-tip clean, toothbrush in the cracks clean. Re-caulk tub and shower.
    2. Think hotel. Nice shower curtain, coordinating hand towels and soaps. Get rid of all the extra soaps, shampoos, etc out of the shower.
    3. Toilet lids down!!
  9. Closets: Pack away off season clothing and anything you are not using. Clean, organized closets are a must. An interested buyer will open everything and will probably think you take care of the rest of your home if your closets are immaculate.
  10. Pets: If you have them make sure cat boxes are outside and pet dishes out of sight.
  11. If you have a bunch of wedding or house warming gifts that are still packed away, this may be a good time to get them out. Example: A nice pair of crystal candlesticks is a good exchange for a family picture in the bedroom.
  12. Last but not lease. Use your nose. Eliminate any smells especially bathrooms and laundry room. Bake a cake or pie to fill the house with a welcoming aroma.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Welcome to my Blog

In the following weeks, I will be exploring the benefits of different local neighborhoods. I plan to include information on school districts, parks, community activities, taxes, libraries, and much more so you can be familiar with different areas. I also will be including pictures and updates of various activities and events. Feel free to sign up for updates, link to my blog, or leave a comment. Make sure you check out the different tools on the right hand column as well as visit Trusted Professionals. Have a great weekend.

Client Testimonials

Better than expected

"Since the family lives out of town, we are grateful to John for making the sale of our mother's house very managable for us. John listened to our needs and met them all. He was considerate, knowledable, coordinated all the details , and , communicated with us throughout the whole process. Having you take care of the house went better than expected from out of town."

- Anne Baker 2517 Borglum


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"After trying to sell our house on our own, it was a relief to list it under an experienced realtor. John sold our house much quicker than we could have imagined."

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"The experience of buying a home was very good, the help was very much appreciated."

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Trustworthy and Professional

"John is a great realtor. He is knowledgable, trustworthy, and professional. We look forward to doing business with him again."

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Realistic Goals

"My unreal optimism mixed with John's realism make us a good pair."

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"John was the best, he worked hard and we appreciate him for everything he did for us."

- Cathy Claflin Melvin Ct.


Love my new home

"I worked with RE/MAX to buy a house. They were very professional and unbelievably helpful. John DeVries helped me find my house and it's amazing how much he helped me. It didn't matter what my schedule was, he kept working hard and showing me houses until we found the right home. I am so happy with it and love it already. Thanks RE/MAX and John"

- Caleb Byron Rd.